Kemp Load Master R320

One of the load balancer vendors I have been working with quite a lot is Kemp, this shouldn’t be new I suppose.

A typical load balancer is configured in a “2 armed” scenario: one NIC is connected to the ‘external network’ which typically is the network where the clients connects to while the other NIC is connected to the ‘internal network’ where the servers connect to.

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Exchange 2003 Support comes to an end

With all the buzz going on about end-of-support for Windows XP (April 8, 2014) I suddenly realized there are more Operating Systems and (Server Applications) that are about to hit the end-of-support date.

Exchange 2003

On this side of the pond a lot of customers are still running Exchange 2003. Exchange 2003 Extended support will end on April 8, 2014 as well, just like Windows XP. This means that from this date on Exchange 2003 is no longer supported, and (critical) security fixes will not be released by Microsoft. The product won’t stop working, but personally I think the time is right to start working on an upgrade. Continue reading Exchange 2003 Support comes to an end