4 thoughts on “Exchange Resource Forest and Office 365 – Part I”

  1. Hey Jaap, great series.. I suspect you mean the sentence “When this property has a value of “2” it is a lined mailbox, if it has a value of “1” it is regular mailbox.” be linked mailbox ?


  2. Hi Jaap, Need some info on a project that am working on. We are performing a AD cross forest with O365 cross tenant migration due to company splitting in to 2 entities.
    Source forest has exchange hybrid with 0365. Target forest is without any exchange environment. We are performing simple AD accounts & computers migration using ADMT and O365 mailboxes are being migrated through third party tool with o365 cross tenant capabilities. My question is primarily on the sequence that needs to be followed. What i have thought is below. Will it work ?
    1. Add target forest in as additional forest for sync in source AD connect configuration.
    2. Perform AD accounts & computers migration using ADMT.
    3. Once all the AD accounts & computers are migrated to target forest, perform cross tenant migration for O365.

    Can you please advise.


    1. Hi Ahmed,

      what do you want to achieve with step 1?
      My initial thought would be to configure an Exchange server in the target forest (hybrid server for management purposes), use ADMT to copy users and workstations to the target forest, use Azure AD Connect to sync with target O365 tenant and then use 3rd party tool to perform cross tenant migration.

      Cheers, Jaap


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