The following is a list of Exchange Cumulative Updates and Security updates for Exchange 2019 and Exchange 2016 (Scroll down for Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010 ) as of November 5, 2021.

Exchange 2019

Exchange 2019 CU12

Exchange 2019 CU11

Exchange 2019 CU10

Exchange 2019 CU9

Exchange 2019 CU8

Exchange 2019 CU7

Exchange 2019 CU6

Exchange 2019 CU5

Exchange 2019 CU4

Exchange 2019 CU3

Exchange 2019 CU2

Exchange 2019 CU1

Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016  CU23 (04/20/2022):

Exchange 2016 CU22 (09/24/2021):

Exchange 2016 CU21 (06/25/2021):

Exchange 2016 CU20 (03/16/2021):

Exchange 2016 CU19 (16/12/2020):

Exchange 2016 CU18 (09/16/2020):

Exchange 2016 CU17 (06/12/2020):

Exchange 2016 CU16 (03/18/2020):

Exchange 2016 CU15 (12/16/2019):

Exchange 2016 CU14:

Exchange 2016 CU13:

Exchange 2016 CU12:

Exchange 2016 CU11:

Exchange 2016 CU10 and earlier are no longer available from the Microsoft site…

Exchange Server 2013:

Exchange 2013 CU23 (06/18/2019):

Exchange 2013 CU22:

Exchange 2013 CU21:

Please be advised that Exchange 2013 CU23 is the last Cumulative Update for Exchange 2013. Exchange 2013 entered extended support on April 10th, 2018. Security updates for Exchange 2013 will be released when needed. To receive these security updates, customers are advised to install Exchange 2013 CU23. For more information check the Exchange team blog:

Update. When additional important security fixes are released, Microsoft will release additional Cumulative Updates for Exchange 2013. So, despite end of support of Exchange 2013 you can see newer CU’s become available.

Exchange 2013 CU20:

Exchange 2013 CU19 and earlier are no longer available from the Microsoft site…

Exchange 2013 SP3 Update Rollups:

Office Web Apps / Office Online Server

Office Web Apps server and Office Online Server are no longer available for public download. They are available from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) under Volume Licensing agreements. If you have a valid license and should be able to use Office Online Server under your license agreement, please contact Microsoft support.

Last update: July 21, 2022

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