The following is a list of Exchange Service Packs and Update Rollup fixes for Exchange 2016 (Scroll down for Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010 downloads).

Exchange Server 2016 CU7:

Exchange Server 2016 CU6:

Exchange Server 2016 CU5:

Exchange Server 2016 CU4:

Exchange Server 2016 CU3:

Exchange Server 2016 CU2:

Exchange Server 2016 CU1:

Exchange Server 2016:

Exchange Server 2013:

Exchange 2013 CU16:

Exchange 2013 CU15:

Exchange 2013 CU14:

Exchange 2013 CU13:

Exchange 2013 CU12:

Exchange 2013 CU11:

Exchange 2013 CU10:

Exchange 2013 CU9:

Exchange 2013 CU8:

Exchange 2013 CU7:

Exchange Server 2013 CU6:

Exchange Server 2013 CU5:

Exchange Server 2013 SP1:

Exchange Server 2013 CU3:

Exchange Server 2013 CU2:

Exchange Server 2013 CU1:

Office Web Apps 2013:

Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3:


Last update: December 14, 2016

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