Extend Office 365 trial

In my previous blog I explained how to create a new tenant in Office 365 which start with a 30 days trail period. It can happen that you haven’t finished testing within 30 days, so it’s good to know there’s the option to extend the Office 365 trial with another 30 days.

To achieve this logon to the Microsoft Online Portal via https://portal.microsoftonline.com and login with the global administrator account. In the main menu select Billing and Subscriptions and in the subscription details (on the right) click Extend trial.


To extend the trial subscription you need to enter your credit card details, but your card won’t be charged for extending the trial period. In the pop-up windows, click Next and in the following windows enter your credit card details. Once entered click Extend trial and you’re good for another 30 days.

Please note you can extend your Office 365 trial only once.

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