Enable File History in Windows 8.1

This blog post is more a ‘note to self’, but for my work I write a lot of documents and a proper backup of my documents is key for me. The last thing I want to happen is a crash of my hard disk and lose valuable data. So, at home I have a Synology NAS (with 5 disks in RAID-5) and I want to store backups on this device.

To configure File History (which let you create backups) open Control Panel, select System and Security and select File History. File History is disabled by default:


First add a disk, select the Select a network location option.


Click Add network location and select the NAS device using UNC naming, i.e. \\Diskstation\Backup in my environment.


Now that the network location for the backups is selected File History can be turned on.


Click Turn on and watch the magic. The first backup is starting automatically.


Click Exclude Folders in the (left hand) menu if you want to Exclude certain libraries from your configuration.


For example, my OneDrive is already backed up on another machine, so I can exclude this one here. Click Add and select a library:


Click Save changes and you’re ready to go.

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