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Deploying Lync 2013 Edge

In my previous blog post I explained how to install the first Front-End server in a Front-End pool. To extend the functionality we are now going to install a Lync 2013 Edge server. Using the Edge server users can logon to the Lync environment externally, and you can setup a federation with other companies to communicate with users in these companies as well.

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Deploying Lync Server 2013

In a earlier blog post I explained the basics of Lync Server 2010 and how to install Lync Server 2010, including a Lync Edge Server and a reverse proxy to publish the accompanying web services.

Microsoft has recently released Lync Server 2013 so it’s time to have a closer look at installing this version. Like the previous articles this article explains how to install a green field environment so there’s no ‘old’ version installed. In the previous blogs I have been working with Lync Server 2010 Standard edition, this blog is based on the Enterprise Edition of Lync Server 2013. There are multiple differences between Standard and Enterprise: Continue reading Deploying Lync Server 2013

Install Lync Server 2010

In a previous blog post with an introduction of Lync Server 2010 I already showed the setup flow. The most important part is the central SQL server, the Central Management Server or CMS. In this blogpost I’ll continue with the installation of Lync Server 2010.

Lync Server preparations

I’ll start with a simple setup (just like most customers tend to do). I’ll install Lync Server 2010 for instant messaging, presence information and (simple) video conferencing. Initially I’ll setup this up for interal use only, but in a future blog post I’ll connect the Lync environment to the internet so users at home can connect. Or parters (federation) can connect to our Lync environment of course.

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