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Free Kemp LoadMaster

Kemp recently released a free version of their virtual LoadMaster (VLM) load balancer solution. It is just like a regular VLM with some restrictions of course. There’s no High Availability support in the free LoadMaster, there’s only web-based support and you cannot update the firmware to a newer version for example. Also the bandwidth is limited to 20Mbit (L7) throughput with 50 transactions (TPS) 2K SSL keys.

However, it does support the nice features such as Global Server load balancing, the Application Firewall Pack and the Edge Security Pack. This makes it a perfect solution for small organizations, for lab environment or for regular test environments. It is possible though to upgrade the free LoadMaster to a regular device, making it also a perfect solution for a Proof-of-Concept. When finished the POC you an easily bring the LoadMaster to production by upgrading the license.

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Kemp Load Master R320

One of the load balancer vendors I have been working with quite a lot is Kemp, this shouldn’t be new I suppose.

A typical load balancer is configured in a “2 armed” scenario: one NIC is connected to the ‘external network’ which typically is the network where the clients connects to while the other NIC is connected to the ‘internal network’ where the servers connect to.

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Using a Kemp Load Balancer for Reverse Proxy with Lync 2013

In my previous blog I wrote about publishing Lync services using IIS/ARR as a replacement for TMG 2010. It is also possible to use a hardware load balancer to publish these Lync web services to the internet. In this blog I’ll talk about using a Kemp LoadMaster LM2600 for publishing Lync web services.

Lync Configuration

In my lab I have a Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition, in the perimeter network I have a Lync 2013 Edge Server, but instead of IIS/ARR I now have a hardware load balancer.

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