Installing Lync 2013 CU1

Microsoft has recently announced the availability of Cumulative Update 1 (CU1) for Lync Server 2013 which can be found here: I have never installed a CU update on Lync before, so I was curious to see how this works.

CU1 contains of 9 different fixes that need to be deployed, depending on the server roles that are installed on the various boxes. There’s a nice little update installer you can use to make life easier.

Download all nine files from the download site ( and save them on the local hard disk. I found it useful to copy the files to all other Lync servers as well.

Once downloaded start the LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe utility (elevated privileges!) and click Install Updates to start the installation. The installer will check which services are running on the box and only install the updates that are needed.


When the front-end server is updated the tables in the SQL Database are automatically dropped so they have to be recreated. On the front-end server open the Lync Management Shell and enter the following command:

Install-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn –Verbose


To update the Central Management Store use the following command in the Lync Management Shell:

Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn –Verbose


This will configure the CMS on the SQL Server using the default instance. If you’re running some named instance you can add the –SqlInstanceName DBInstanceName parameter.

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