DKIM record in WordPress DNS

So, today I found out that outbound mail from my did not have a DKIM signature (after mail was blocked by I have my running on To do this, WordPress requires to have DNS hosted with them. No problem, but adding a DKIM record in WordPress DNS is not possible, it fails with a TXT records may not exceed 255 characters error message as shown below:

The solution is relatively simple. You can add a CNAME record for the original DKIM record. For example, have point to something like (I own that domain too, and DNS is hosted at my provider Argeweb).


Create a new TXT record and add the original DKIM record (from my domain) to it et voila, that’s it.

Check with reveals that it works:

And some header information:

Note. Yes I know, p=NONE in the DMARC record could (should/must) be changed to quarantine or even REJECT, but Iā€™m still in development šŸ˜Š

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