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Building Hosted Exchange – Part IV

In my earlier blog posts Building Hosted Exchange Part I (overview), Building Hosted Exchange Part II (Active Directory) and Building Hosted Exchange Part III (Exchange and ABP’s) we’ve created a simple Exchange 2010 organization that’s capable of hosting multiple organizations, separated from each other and each having their own Address Books. But as outlined in the Microsoft guidance document there’s more involved, especially when it comes to global settings that are identical for all users (in all organizations) or global settings that can reveal unwanted information.

Global Exchange configuration

When building a hosted Exchange 2010 SP2 environment a number of Exchange configuration settings have to be taken into account.

There are certain global settings that are valid for the entire organization and are therefore set on an organization level and not on a tenant level. Example of these configurations (this is not a complete list!) are Exchange ActiveSync settings, Exchange Web Services, OWA policies, Throttling policies, anti-virus and anti-spam checking, postmaster settings and the autodiscover settings.

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