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How to change the Postmaster address in Exchange 2013

While testing mail flow I noticed that when an NDR was sent out by my Exchange 2013 the default postmaster account was used, with the default domain, i.e. postmaster@contoso.local (I use a .local TLD on my Active Directory domain) instead of a regular and routable SMTP domain.

To change this you can open the Exchange Admin Center, navigate to Mail Flow | Receive Connectors and click the more options (the three dots) and select Organization Transport Settings as shown in the following figure.


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Exchange 2010 Hoster Edition

I already blogged about the Exchange 2010 Hoster Edition… it is generally speaking not a good idea to try this in an enterprise environment… The Exchange 2010 Hoster Edition: http://sysadmin-talk.org/2010/09/address-list-segregation-or-hoster-edition-exchange-2010-sp1/

But currently I’m working for a hosting company, and I have to prepare a migration from Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC4.5) to Exchange 2010 Hoster Edition. So, I have plenty of time to play with it… (And Greg, I have the SPLA licenses, don’t worry 😉

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