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Can’t verify domain

Recently I configured a new Office 365 E3 tenant for my lab environment and one of the domains I use (and had in mind for configuring Federation) was exchangelabs.nl.

When adding a domain to a tenant Microsoft has to verify if you’re the owner of the domain being added and this is achieved by you adding a TXT record to public DNS. Microsoft checks for this TXT and thus knows you’re the one and only owner.

After adding the TXT record the verification wizard failed with the following error:

Can’t verify domain

Exchangelabs.nl was already added to a different Office 365 account exchangelabs.onmicrosoft.com.
Sign in to that account as ad admin, and remove domain <domain>. Then come back here and try adding <domain> to this account again.
If you can’t sign in to exchangelabs.onmicrosoft.com as an admin, try resetting your admin password. Continue reading Can’t verify domain

Building Hosted Exchange – Part II

In my previous blog post I tried to explain why Microsoft is following the partner model for hosted environment. If you fully understand the Microsoft guidance document and really want to build it yourself instead of using a 3rd party Control Panel vendor (which I always recommend) I’ll try to outline the various steps that need to be done.

Please note that this blog post is published ‘as is’ and is my personal belief on how stuff can be done. You still have to test everything in a lab environment before building things in production. I cannot, will not nor take any responsibility about your environment when things go wrong!

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